If you’re still using just one fragrance, sorry but not sorry you are still living in the past. In this era where fragrance pairing has amped up the game of fragrance application, it is only wise that you jump on this moving train of fragrance layering. Jump, jump! We got you!


Fragrance layering is a simple act that involves you applying two (could be more) fragrances on top of each other with the thought of creating a bespoke scent synonymous with YOU! Amazingly, there is no limitation to fragrance layering. You can choose to layer your fragrance when going to the office, on a date, and even on your wedding day.

We all will agree that no feeling matches the feeling of finding your distinctive scent which no one else has. So each time you step out, you leave people with the puzzling question of what fragrance you are wearing.


Fragrance layering is the bailout route for many of you that find it a bit hard getting at one perfume that you’re completely in love with. By layering fragrances from pre-existing collections which you already like, you stand the chance to establish a signature scent for yourself.

Additionally, you layering your fragrance help lengthen the stay of your scent. It equally enables you to flaunt your personality without spending millions working with a perfumer.


Picture this, when applying your makeup you do not just start with your mascara or blush. There is an art you need to master, the same applies to the layering of fragrances. In all sincerity, there isn’t any rule to layering. You are only expected to have your nose play around with your fragrances. That’s all!

To make this easier, take these few points as a guide:

After you’ve had your shower using your scented soap or bath gel

Apply your scented body lotion while your body is still moist

Spray your Eau de Toilette generously on your body

Spray your Eau de Parfum on your pulse points— nape of your neck, behind ear lobes, armpits, wrists, behind the knee, inside of your elbow.

You can however spray both fragrances directly on the same points, you only have to wait for some seconds after one application to spray the other.

Be sure not to apply the lightly scented fragrance first before the heavily scented one, to avoid the heavy one muffling the lighter one.

More so, it is consequential that you understand the different notes within a fragrance, and like the saying, “practice makes perfect” you only need to play with your fragrance well enough to discover the shocker scent that ends up being ‘yours truly’.

To help you better master this fragrance layering thing we’re talking about, try this;

Mix woody or musk-based fragrances with fruity or floral note-based fragrances.

You could equally mix a spicy note based fragrance with vanilla

Similarly, creamy vanilla with an intense leathery fragrance

Or just match a fruity essence with a floral note based perfume

Note: In all you do, stay off pairing two fragrances with very strong notes.


Since you’ve accepted that the best way to discover new scents is by sharing recommendations and the greatest recommendation coming from no one else than D’Scentsation of course. We have taken time to put together some fragrances that we are confident would go well together.



Noir by Tom Ford goes well with Black XS by

Paco Rabanne guarantee your glorious smell.



Burberry London for men sprayed on the pulse points and Alien Man Mirage by Thierry Mugler sprayed on your neck, side by side work wonders.




Another heavenly fragrance combination you will not regret trying out is Dolce and Gabbana K and Memoire D'une Odeur by Gucci. We guarantee you a lot of compliments!

By the way, check out our collections for your discounted fragrances and thank us later.

Layering is the gateway to smelling unique and leaving an impression that is bound to be talked about for years, never forget this.

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